The Courage to Be Thankful


One  definition of the word courage is, “Strength in the face of pain or grief.” When I consider the many challenges that life has greeted me with; I don’t think it’s enough to assume that it’s easy to be naturally  courageous.  There is an inner strength I have always had to cling to; aiding me in my choice to go forward continually  in life.


I gave myself an assignment several months ago because I was a little depressed and something within me said, "instead of lingering in this place mentally;  get up and make a daily journal of what you are thankful for. "


This exercise helped me so much; and I use it as a tool constantly to get myself back in motion so I can fulfill what I have been placed on earth for.


During this time of Thanksgiving ; we focus on food and family which is helpful and good for the soul.


When I considered what I would share regarding the levels of gratitude that I have in my life, the word courage kept resounding in my spirit. In my opinion and experience , to consistently remain thankful is a message you have to send your soul; and it will activate and instruct the mind towards behaviors that will affect your body and therefore your surrounding circumstances. I daily choose to be courageously grateful because I can’t live any other way.































Gratitude Journal


Thankful for Resolve even when all things aren’t Resolved


Thankful to have an Audience that wants to Listen to my Musical Offerings


Thankful to have a God that is Sovereign with Me


Thankful to have a Creative Mind and Spirit


Thankful that I am no longer Trapped by Surrendering to a life of Normalcy


Thankful that I am living a life of Constant Awareness


Thankful for the Visions God gives me for others


Thankful for Light


Thankful for Clarity (of vision or of mind)


Thankful for Perspective


Thankful for the Holy Spirit as a true guiding voice


Thankful to have Amazing People in my life that are reflective of my Wonderful Present and Brilliant Future


Thankful to be comfortable in my skin (in all of it’s textured substance and darkness)


Thankful to be in a place where I decide what I desire and how. I am no longer beholding to an individual person who should be responsible for my singular success

Thankful to be a Grounded Man


Thankful for the pursuit of living an Excellent life


Thankful to have realized, that I am Enough


Thankful for God’s Favor